Sunday, September 21, 2008


Before becoming a mother I had no idea of the weight that word held. No idea of how much I took for granted the moments of leisure in my life (like being able to sleep in and watch a movie on a Sunday afternoon). These days, though long gone, have been replaced with new moments, new definitions of leisure; a hike up a mountain with my daughter as the sun rises over the city of Los Angeles -- we wake when our babies beckon and make the best of it.

I write this to remind myself about just funny time is -- it can feel like it flies when we look back and , at the same time, feel like it moves as slow as molasses when we are in it. This is what I try to remember when mothering feels endless: In the whole pie of her life the amount of time she'll need me like she does now is a sliver. Let me be present and patient and ever aware that the mind is a curious place to dwell (it can let us go with the flow or not depending on what we tell it).

Enjoy every moment for they all pass way too quick :)

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