Saturday, August 9, 2008

Mommy & Me Movies

One evening, thinking a movie would be a nice outing together, my husband, sleeping baby and I headed to the theaters only to be turned away at the door. "Just wanna let you know," said the ticket attendant in a chipper voice with a knowing smile, "no children under four allowed in the movies." No children under four! I thought -- that's pretty unfair. We had just moved out west and have no family and the baby was only 6 months at the time so four years was a long wait for movie date again. Then, our eyes still wide open and mouths gaping, the lady in the booth leaned into the microphone and continued, "but we have a mommy and me viewing Wednesdays at 10:30 am for children under four." Mommy and me? We were new to LA and new to parenting so this was something we'd never heard of before. We stepped off the line and headed home -- no movie that night -- but Mommy and Me Wednesday? We'd return.

Turns out, mothers and fathers, this is a great consolation prize. The Los Feliz 3 theater on Vermont has a Wednesday 10:30am showing of all its movies -- the price is reduced to $6.00 and you can see new releases on the day they come out without a worry about getting a good seat. What a deal! And, the theater is pretty much all yours so if your child is a feeling a little feisty or fussy no worries; there are other kids that may be playing in the aisles, nursing and letting out occasional cries too.

At The Grove, though I haven't been here yet, I know they have a Monday morning showing at 11 am. I hear they are very accommodating and add a few extras like a changing table in the aisles? or maybe it was that they had toys out to play with? At any rate I'll have to scope this out and get back to you.

If you're not in California and maybe a trip to the movies with your toddler seems impossible -- you'd disrupt everyone -- be inspired and ask your local theater to do a Mommy and Me time? What's the harm in trying -- the neighborhood could probably use it.

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Tiffany said...

that is a wonderful idea!!! i will have to fill out a comment card at our theater here on post; the one and only location in town where we can watch movies in english. i was asked to leave a movie a few months ago b/c nathan was talking to himself and it disturbed the ppl in front of us. me and a few of my mommy friends have been harping on the gym guy to do a mommy and me yoga class since they put a ban on all children coming to class and they hold the classes after the daycare closes for the day. it was really tough to get to a yoga class while the guys were deployed.