Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Homemade Baby

Food -- It's essential for life (along with water) and when our babies are ready to start eating it is our hand, dear mothers, that feed.

In my efforts to nourish my daughters body well I make homemade organic foods that are frozen in cubes that are later thawed when they are to be eaten. I enjoy cooking so this is no biggie; It's actually been a lot of fun and made me more aware, not that I have ever really been a junkie eater or anything, of how I myself eat. The laws of a balanced diet and joy of foods combined -- I am the one setting the example and foundation for what she perceives as "palatable." So it's time to get creative because, after all, would you want to eat bland food? I wouldn't, I like spice! I like flavor and I want her to grow up open minded to it all so, when seven months hit and the green light flashed for adding spices, I did.

(Check out these links: wholesomebabyfood.com and weelicious.com. They've got great food inspiration and are informative as well. I also learned some good to know stuff about the benefits of flax on askdrsears.com that may be interesting to you as well.)

Now back to spice -- we've tried: coconut butter, basil, garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, oregano, rosemary, pepper, ginger, and vanilla to name a few and are excited to explore foods I'd never before even tried like cherimoya. I mean everyday, without even trying, my daughter teaches me something new; a new way to season a new food to try. This is fun stuff moms! The local farmers markets are brimming with seasonal produce that is filled with vibrant color (try a red carrot for example), fresh taste and rich smells (like those sweet, round, buttery colored peaches that burst with a juice that drips down your chin when you take a bite). But I'm not here to really talk about spice, just threw it in as a mind-opener, I'm here to share with you something I came across the just the other day.

So, as I was sauntering down the isles at my local whole foods supermarket thinking, "I aught to package this homemade baby food I make, not all mom's have the time to cook. Given the option though I'd bet they'd rather be feeding homemade organic foods to their kids." and then Bam! -- Homemade Baby -- There it was, my (obviously not so original) idea. Some mom (I'm assuming) had gone ahead and done it! Bravo mama! I tried a sample of the apple sauce that some young lady was handing out in little cups and it was deeeeelish. (I know I rambled a bit before getting to the good stuff and have no clue about the other flavors) -- An option exists for us mamas when we can't cook because we are traveling, working, mothering for goodness sake (we know that's a full time job) but want to feed our babies better.

here's the link: www.homemadebaby.com -- Mind you I only tried a sample but have read a little about the company and like what they're about, not to mention the food really was good and made without sugar or preservatives -- just vacuum packed and found in the refrigerated section of your local wholefoods. I asked, if you were wondering, about if the food requires refrigeration (this may be a problem travelling right?) and the "sample girl" informed me that, though it is recommended to keep the containers refrigerated, the food can be kept for a period of time un-refrigerated. So moms, check it out -- because, alas, even the most die-hard homemaking food cube freezing mom out there needs an alternative sometimes :)

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Tiffany said...

awww, i loved making nathan baby food! being in italy has really opened my eyes to organic eating. everything here is organic! we don't even buy produce at the commissary any more unless we're in a pinch. it is so fun to go to the market and load up on fresh, organic fruits and veggies! it's a lot cheaper than grocery store produce and it's helping the local farmer. it seems fresher, too. after drinking italian milk we absolutely cannot drink any american milk that is unorganic. it smells and tastes funny. mmm, now i'm hungry!